Name Your Robot

Next was naming. And many people who are in programming would know that is the hardest part. Luckily, name, kind of, imposed itself. Before we started staring down that rabbit hole, we though we need some public source repository - a place to collaborate on various things like images, links to web pages or videos, snippets for blogs, source code, etc. And there's where name emerged.

Janos, long standing member of Pal's M.E.T., came up with the idea to name the repository 'fourlegsgood', but it turned out that GitLab already had a repository with that name And we went the route of finding alternatives to that - to name our somehow scratch pad repository.

But I couldn't shake the idea that it can actually be really good name. If 'fourlegsgood' is expanded to 'four legs is good' it gives us really 'real alike sounding' name: Flig! After a few surveys on my side (previous GCC team members and wider), derived from original Janos's repository name, I set my mind on 'Four Legs Is Good' - Flig or F.L.I.G. Main problem with that was Pal's initial thought "But what ruins it for me is that adding the "is" sounds like an unintentional mistake made in the Animal Farm quote - and that totally ruins it" we needed to overcome. Fortunately Pal came up with several really nice ways of expanding that name to:

  • Four Legs Is Good (my starting point)
  • Four Legged Intelligent Gizmo
  • Four Legged Independent Gizmo

and so on... And it had proper 80's Hollywood film imaginary reference.

Slight digression - four legged robot, as it turns out, can be anything we can imagine with four legs. We had plenty of options to go with: A dog (very obvious and maybe the most boring), a cat, a pig (people say they are quite intelligent - maybe even more than dogs), but also a fox, a wolf, etc... Plenty of choices to choose from depending which way we would like to go.

Now we had major idea where to go with robot.

Very soon after PiWars people came with the theme and challenges, our four legged robot in a shape of a dog turned out to be spot on! Perfect solution for Shepherd's Pi challenge for instance.

But, it wasn't enough. Dog cannot do everything easily. Especially with Nature's Bounty challenge - they are not the best suited for picking apples, for instance.

We needed more! As that challenge is perfectly made for robotic arm and robotic arms seem a bit freaky on Boston Dynamics' Spot:

Boston Dynamics' Spot

In quick follow up brainstorming session we added another part to our robot - a robot on top of a robot!

More precisely a little gnome sitting on top of Flig operating a robotic arm (a crane?). A little gnome named Dinky! (But, how else would you name a gnome? Look here for alternative gnome names: And then, competition is Cambridge-based, so not naming the gnome Dinky would be really odd as there are so many Dinky Doors around Cambridge - see the link below:

Dinky Doors